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VR & AR projects

Metaverse beauty wEEK #mbw2023

ly leova, 3D CGI furry hairy letters MBW logo

The first annual Metaverse Beauty Week, a multi-brand, multi-day festival that

re-imagined the way we experience beauty was hosted by CULT. With CULT's code REALITY GETS A MAKEOVER, we explored the future of beauty through the medium of our digital lives in DECENTRALAND, SPATIAL AND ROBLOX.



  • Beauty Matter NEXT 2023 Awards: Best Metaverse Activation

  • The People’s Lovie Awards: Best Web3 & XR Conference, Festival or Party

My role

As a Creative Designer at Cult together with the creative team, I worked on MBW's social content, created the 3D hair textured logo which featured in MBW's moodfilm in collaboration with Serwah Attafuah that screened on the Flannels building in Oxford Street and helped concept and build various brand experiences such as Lush's "Metaverse's Biggest Bath Bomb" and Neutrogena's "Boost your vitals™" and many more.

Metaverse beauty world

Following the success of Metaverse Beauty Week 2023, the Spatial space evolved into the Metaverse Beauty World Plaza which hosts virtual events and panel talks.

My role

I was appointed Creative Owner and was in charge of concepting, worldbuilding and developing the new Plaza in Unity in line with our new brand identity while keeping the reminiscence of Metaverse Beauty Week.


My concept was to break down “Beauty” to its cellular level and embody the “imperfections” of the organic. I wanted to be different from other beauty web3 spaces so instead of your usual life size lipstick floating in space between pink palms, I merged the abstract with beauty products creating geological formations and organisms which seamlessly populate the world. 


Rei carter and the forgotten universe

This project aims to show the importance of dreams for our wellbeing by exploring various interactive and immersive media challenging the boundaries of sequential storytelling. In the current context of social media and the Algorithm age, our individuality is increasingly at risk as we are dissociating from the unconscious. Dreams can help us learn more about ourselves, taking Carl G Jung's individuation process as an example.


The story of Rei Carter’s individuation process is told through her instagram profile and is accompanied by an interactive 360 panorama VR experience allowing the audience to plunge into Rei’s subconscious dream worlds and travel through the Forgotten Universe, a realm of collective dream worlds populated by surreal entities and archetypes inspired by Jung’s collective unconscious and indigenous dream theories on dream realms.

The story is set in a parallel universe called Earth-333, where a conforming society uses a dreaming device called i.R.E.M. to enter the lucid dreaming state as entertainment during sleep. This device allows people to create their fantasy worlds, but often artificial and superficial instead of exploring their true inner worlds. One day, Rei Carter's device breaks and opens the access to the Forgotten Universe. Along her journey she rediscovers her true self, but the journey is full of challenges and emotional turmoil as she, for the first time, confronts these unknown sides of her psyche which makes her question her whole "masked" identity.