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Submission for MoCDA:
Rei carter and the forgotten universe

In the current context of social media and the Algorithm age, our individuality is increasingly at risk. More than ever, we are dissociating from the unconscious and the spiritual. Dreams can help us learn more about ourselves, taking Carl G Jung's individuation process as an example. This project aims to show the importance of dreams for our wellbeing, especially targeting the Gen-Z, by exploring various interactive and immersive media challenging the boundaries of sequential storytelling.


The story is told through the instagram profile of a virtual influencer, Rei Carter, and is accompanied by an interactive 360 panorama VR experience allowing the audience to plunge into Rei Carter's subconscious dream worlds and travel through the Forgotten Universe, a realm of collective dream worlds populated by surreal entities and archetypes inspired by Jung's collective unconscious and indigenous dream theories on dream realms.

The story is set in a parallel universe called Earth-333, where a conforming society uses a dreaming device called i.R.E.M. to enter the lucid dreaming state as entertainment during sleep. This device allows people to create their fantasy worlds, but often artificial and superficial instead of exploring their true inner worlds. This is because the corporation X-ON made the devices block people from accessing their unconscious and the "Forgotten Universe" in order to stop people from individuating, becoming unique individuals to shape them into brainwashed consumers. One day, Rei Carter's device breaks and opens the access to the Forgotten Universe. Rei starts seeing things and figures that she cannot control and starts following them to find answers. Along her journey she rediscovers her true self, but the journey is full of challenges and emotional turmoil as she, for the first time, confronts these unknown sides of her psyche which makes her question her whole "masked" identity.

3 works
The Forgotten Universe 360 experience (VR compatible)

View more details on the asset design in the Game Art & Concept art section

Follow Rei's journey
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