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Ly Leova

Illustrator • 3D artist

selected Clients

Rick's Retro

Studio Meep


FCB London


Get out of the bin

SU Gallery, Camberwell, London

20 - 27th January 2022

Kolben Open

Pragovka, Prague

5-7th April 2019

LUSTR festival

Kampus Hybernská, Prague

23 - 29th September 2021

Bande de femmes

Libreria Ruba, Rome

30th June - 3rd July 2022

Welcome back... See you later

Camberwell College of Arts

18th June - 25th June 2022

MoCDA Digital Summer Show 2022


9th July - 24th September 2022


UAL's Future 50: Founders and Freelancers Awards

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Ly Leova is a London-based Czech illustrator with Vietnamese heritage graduated from Camberwell University of the Arts London with over 4 years of experience in freelance work creating editorial illustrations, brand illustrations, cover art for musicians and UI/UX illustrations. Her diverse cultural background and Eastern spiritual influence mixed with Western philosophies allows her to approach work with a unique lens leading to her participation in over 5 exhibitions over Europe. 


About practice

A dreamer and a storyteller, Ly’s work blends whimsy and nostalgia as her narrative compositions reflect on our world by imagining new surreal worlds filled with quirky characters. Amidst the surreal, Ly also finds beauty in the mundane, capturing thumbnails of our everyday life exploring how objects can tell a narrative by playing with still life and composition.


Her work is very playful, often characterised by bold patterns and vibrant colours infused with the rich tapestry of her Vietnamese heritage and influences of street culture and aesthetics of the past such as 90s and y2k Cybercore and pop culture.


Ly mainly work digitally exploring the possibilities of illustration and sequential storytelling by experimenting with technology and combining different media such as 3D, AR and VR to create immersive and interactive experiences for the audience welcoming them to her dream worlds.

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